Restored historical buildings: a more sustainable workplace

The issue of sustainability is one which must be tackled by any business in 2021. Thankfully, The Globe Works already has a head start – thanks to its historic home!

It has long been argued that the greenest building is one which already exists (architect Carl Elefante made this case in 2007, in the journal of the National Trust for Historic Preservation).

In the years since this article, further research seems to support this conclusion. According to The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, a large proportion (35%) of a typical office development’s carbon emissions are released before the building is even opened for use. For residential premises, the figure is even higher, at 51%.

In 2021, the Environmental Audit Committee has launched an enquiry into the sustainability of the built environment. On the agenda, as well as an overriding aim to ‘decarbonise construction’, are questions relating to existing buildings: “How should re-use and refurbishment of buildings be balanced with new developments? What can the Government do to incentivise more repair, maintenance and retrofit of existing buildings?”

At The Globe Works, we think the value of renovating and repurposing existing buildings is clear. As one of the city’s original cutlery works, we’re proud to be integrated into the very fabric of Sheffield’s history – as well as a home for awesome businesses shaping the city today.

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