Meet Saam! CEO at Pharmacy Mentor

The man on a mission to enable digital access to pharmacy healthcare

Meet…Saam Ali, CEO at Pharmacy Mentor

The man on a mission to enable digital access to pharmacy healthcare


Sector:  Healthcare

No. staff: 18


Hello! First off, introduce yourself and explain your business in just one sentence

Hi, I’m Saam and I run Pharmacy Mentor, a company which provides pharmacy marketing and development solutions to help the pharmacy sector embrace the digital age.

Wow, big dreams for the pharmacy sector! And why is it important for pharmacies to embrace technology?

We’re in an age where technology is progressing at a phenomenal rate, and with it comes opportunities to create better access to care and a service that fits with how people live. We believe that it’s critical for pharmacies to embrace technological and digital solutions for their future business sustainability.

Because of these advances, we’re also seeing a rapid shift in the sector away from dispensing and more towards delivering clinical services. As a pharmacy, marketing your services effectively and building the correct digital ecosystems throughout your business ensures that people are understanding the healthcare offer and accessing the best care possible.

Tell us more about this evolution in the sector

Traditionally, we all think of our local pharmacy as the place to pick up your prescription or some throat drops when we’re feeling croaky. But changes within the NHS have given pharmacies a greater role to play in healthcare delivery by tapping into pharmacists’ clinical skills. With the evolution of digital health, pharmacies are becoming ‘health hubs’ in the community and a place where holistic care is delivered. This includes anything from medicine reviews to blood pressure monitoring and vaccinations.

So how does Pharmacy Mentor help?

We are a big amalgamation of pharmacists, digital marketers, developers and visionaries. We’re here to put all those talents to the best possible use to help pharmacies thrive in the digital world. To do this, we handpick the best digital marketing strategies and tactics that work for our clients, depending on the outcomes they wish to achieve. This might be website design and development, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or paid marketing, for example.